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Don't know where to turn to get answers to your questions about your pelvic health? A 1-on-1 video consult with a Pelvic Health Specialist is just what you need.

 Perhaps you've heard that certain things (ahem: leaks, painful sex, pelvic pain) are normal after having a baby but you're not ok with that "normal".

 Perhaps you've had a baby and are looking to return to your favorite activities, safely.

 Perhaps you want to learn how to prepare your mind + body to birth an actual human being (ps: YES, there are ways to push, things to do, and positions to try).

 Perhaps you're tired of peeing your pants every time you jump.


Have a question about virtual consults with Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Aliya Dhalla? Wondering if this might be right for you? Send us an email: